Father and Farmer

Bright Stars

In every clear night sky there are bright stars. The ones that your eye is automatically drawn to; the ones that light the way. And it’s the same in a rural neighbourhood, in every one, no matter where it may be, there are a very special few bright stars.

They are the volunteers. The people who give up their own precious family time to help an organisation, team, society or event. They are the beating heartbeat of every community and they deserve all the thanks the rest of us can possibly give them.

They are the ones who after a long hard day, when all they really want to do is rest before tomorrow, put on a smile for the World, kiss their children or partners goodbye, and head out of the door again to a committee meeting. They’re the ones who stand outside of a school or playgroup in the rain selling raffle tickets to raise funds. They’re the ones who have to pester and cajole people into taking part and getting involved. They’re the ones who get up early on weekend mornings and spend all day decorating a church hall or marquee so that others can enjoy themselves.

Last Saturday night we attended such an event; our village playgroup’s 50th anniversary ball. The work that went into organising it was phenomenal. I know, because I happen to be married to the ChairWoman. For months the playgroup committee members and staff planned, organised, and put their hearts and souls into it. Anyone who’s ever been involved with a large scale event will know the countless details that need attended to, and the hours it takes to do so. They willingly and enthusiastically took the time, and my God, what a success it was.

160 people of all ages, some of them original playgroup committee members from 1967, put their glad rags on, showed up, ate, drank, and were merry, until 1am. The marquee looked amazing, the food was out of this World, and the bar and dance floor were packed all night long. And after her speech was out of the way, my Wife even managed to relax and enjoy herself. We danced the night away together, and it will live long in the memory.

There were so many people involved, so many who willingly gave their time, beforehand and on the night itself, but Sarah, Margaret, Amy, Fred, and my own Sarah deserve a special mention. I know what they all put into it, and they should be so proud. Because without them, without the enthusiasm, talent and energy they devoted to this wonderful event, it simply wouldn’t have happened.

In these fast-paced days of home entertainment and social media, it’s getting harder to get people out of their houses. To get them face to face, and talking, making new friends. But as long as there are the special few, the ones who bind all communities together and make these moments and memories happen, we’ll all have cause to give thanks, and raise a glass, to the bright stars.

(Photo credit: http://www.perfectmoments-photography.com )